Xoe Pugs is associated with Eleki Pugs (Elyse Fernets) and Siosalach Pugs (Michelle Chisholm). We generally have a couple litters a year, however, we also get many inquiries. If you are interested in a puppy from us, I encourage you to fill out and submit one of our questionnaires telling us all about you, your home and what you are looking for. Once your questionnaire is received and approved, I will then be in touch to discuss any questions you or I may have. Please keep in mind, with the many inquiries we receive, this is not a fast process.

I also encourage you to talk to a few different breeders. Find someone you are comfortable with and someone you think you can work with for the lifetime of your puppy. A breeder is there to offer support, encouragement and guidance through out the life of your puppy. We love to get updates, see photos and to be informed of any issues that arise.

Thank you for your inquiry and taking the time to enjoy my website.


Puppy Questionnaire